Today’s promotion of project “Regional Forum on Market, Investments and Statistics”, that was held in Sarajevo, gathered dozens of representatives of government institutions, non-government organizations and business sector from region and international institutions in B&H.

Forum was opened by director of Agency for Statistics of B&H Velimir Jukić who expressed his satisfaction for the fact that it was continued to work on improving of regional cooperation with the reminder that all countries together can appear significantly more competitive on European and world markets.

All countries, individually represent small economies, but by merging of our force, we are able to achieve much better results.

First panel, with topic Importance and role of Forum MIS for regional development and announcement of activities for 2017, started with a discussion on the current state of the countries in the region, active linking of governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, the business sector and presenting the results achieved so far.

Forum is designed to seek for answers how to improve the current situation and how to improve cooperation that will lead to a positive climate and investment in countries from the region.

Among all, speakers were director of Agency for statistics of B&H Velimir Jukić with topic “The role and importance of official statistics in development of the B&H economy and in promotion of regional cooperation“, director of Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia Miladin Kovačević with topic “Importance of statistic data for regional cooperation“, in front of Ministry for Civil Affairs was Elvir Hadžiomerović with topic “Regional cooperation and EU”, than president of the board of Federation for support for economic and social development „Horizon 2024“ Senad Tafro with topic „Platform for activates of Forum MIS and role of NGO sector“, director of The Sarajevo Stock Exchange Tarik Kurbegović with topic „Linking of regional Stock Exchanges in Balkan“, in front of Republic of Srpska Institute of Statistics was Radosav Savanović with topic „Regional cooperation-regional development“, Professor at the Faculty of Economics Eldin Mehić with the topic „Industrial innovation policy and the challenges of regional cooperation in the Western Balkans“, deputy director of Agency for Statistics of B&H Fadil Fatić with topic „Statistical Indicators of regional trade and investment within the Strategy JIE2020“, general secretary of Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of B&H with topic „Regional cooperation and inflow of foreign investment“, expert Aida Omerović with topic „Regional Business Register and Investment Conference“, Head of Department at the Central Bank of B&H Ervin Zolić with topic „Macroeconomic indicators in the region and the banking sector“, director of Plan B Hasnija Zulić with topic „EU funds and regional investment“ and President of the Center for Democracy and Economic Development Azra Bećirović with topic „Presentation of web portal Forum MIS“.

Source: MIS