Regional Forum on Market, Investment and Statistics aim is to initiate cooperation in region in order to create and organize concrete regional projects, as well as to exchange experiences in the field of market, investment and non-governmental (NGO) sector.

Forum consists of state institutions, business organizations and NGO organizations, who by clubbing together plan and organize regional projects with common interests.

Forum analyzes the economic and social position and trends in capital markets, labor and goods/services market, statistics and investment. At the same time it encourages the networking and joint action of NGO and the business community in competitive regional and European markets.

Forum implements its activities through organization of annual conferences and round tables. Conferences are held annually with attention of affirming concrete projects in specific areas of market, investment, statistics and development, all of which are of common interest of the region and partner institutions.

Forum has established two bodies: the Project Board and Project Team, which are consisted of representatives of partner institutions. Project Board coordinates work, planning and organization of projects, conferences, round tables and other activities of interest for Forum. Federation for support of economic and social development „Horizon 2024″ is responsible for coordination, legal and administrative activities for the forum and the Committee in accordance with the action plan and the reached agreements.

Partners of the project are: Agency for Statistics BiH, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, Federation for support of economic and social development „Horizon 2024″, Sarajevo Stock Exchange Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska Institute of Statistics, European Movement in Serbia, and Civil Service Agency of B&H,.

Our plan is to involve in work of Forum and its activities representatives of govoerment, bussiness sector and NGO from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srbia, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.