Supported the idea of establishment of Centre on research and projects
The promotion of the idea of establishing an informal Centre on research, development and projects was supported by participants of the two-day conference “Competitiveness of the regional market, importance of statistics and innovations” that was held in Sarajevo.
– This is someting that we will definitely work more concrete in the period ahead – said Armin Berbić for Fena, president of the Assambly of Horizon 2024, that is one of the partners in the organization of the conference.
Berbić emphisized that the Regional Forum on Market, Investments and Statistics – MIS has been recognized as a platform that can contribute to the development of market, statistics, investments and innovations in BiH, contries in the region and beyond.
– In the Federation for support of economic and social development – Horizon 2024 we are very grateful to all partners who helped us in organizing this international conference. After November 2017, once again we had opportunity to gather representatives of government institutions, non-governmental organizations and buisness sector, in one place.
In the coming days, he added, they will hold several meetings in order to analyze all the ideas that were discussed during the conference, and will then decide on the next steps.
On conference were presented projects and researchs that contrubute to the improvement of conditions in business of the region, increasment of investments, as well as the possibilities for networking of the business community and non-governmental organizations on the regional and European market.
Also, it was discussed about possibilities of joint participation of companies from region on the third markets, as well as the development and affirmation of official statistics and the importance of statistical data for decision making at all levels of government, for the development of the economy and the creation of social policies.
Source: Fena