Regional Forum on Market, Investments and Statistics – platform for supporting of regional projects
International Conference on Regional Market, Statistical Development and Investment Opportunities was officially opened in hotel Holiday in Sarajevo in the presence of numerous guests, ambassadors, investors, representatives of economic and foreign trade chambers, stock exchanges, universities, investment funds, international organizations, companies and other governmental and non- governmental organizations.
In the introduction part Adil Osmanović, minister of Civil Affairs of BiH, addressed to the audience with warm welcome to the Conference.
He highlighted that this International Conference is an example of positive practices and actions in the direction of economic development of the region, cooperation and linking of governmental, business, educational and non-governmental organizations in achieving common economic interests.

– Economic cooperation and regional connectivity are the priorities of our countries in order to create a competitive market and joint participation in the realization of many economic activities in infrastructure areas, in the energy, capital, workforce, agriculture and tourism sectors. One of the most important common interests is attracting foreign investment, and in order to achieve this, it is necessary to create a business environment and suitable market conditions at the regional level, which will be recognized by the economic sector and investors. BiH is a country with great potential for further sustainable economic growth and development. It possesses significant natural resources and labour force, i.e. it has all the preconditions necessary for the development of a dynamic economy. Attractive investment sectors in BiH are infrastructure, electricity generation (hydro and thermal plants), agriculture, then construction, textile and wood industry, metal processing, and food and tourism production. All these areas give a clear prospect of investment opportunities, and as one of the examples of cost-effectiveness of investment in BiH is the banking sector, which has been successfully privatized and invested further. Investment opportunities are great, and many are still unknown, so it is necessary to present them precisely on opportunities such as today’s Conference – said minister Osmanović among others things.

Halid Genjac, Chairman of Constitutional-Legal Committee of the House of Peoples of Parliamentary assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is of the opinion that this Conference is a significant event for the promotion and implementation of regional projects, as well as the exchange of information analysis for all economic areas in the region.
– The Regional Forum on Market, Investments and Statistics is an innovative and significant platform for cooperation of representatives of governmental and non-governmental sectors in region, international institutions and organizations, private sector representatives and the academic community. Strengthening of regional cooperation and accelerated development of the countries of the region, linking the markets of the countries of the region and the importance of attracting foreign investment to the region are topics of great importance for strengthening the economy of BiH and neighbouring countries – added Genjac.

Senad Tafro, Chairman of the Board of Federation for support for economic and social development “Horizon 2024”, said that he is pleased with the fact that the Horizon 2024 as the initiator of this project succeeded in bringing together experts from different fields such as investments, statistics, development industry, regional trade, capital market, labor market, goods and services, and other socio-economic indicators.

– This Conference contributes significantly to the vision of the Horizon 2024, which is creation of a platform through which relevant institutions, the European Union, the state of the region and investors can talk to authorities, citizens, businesses and non-governmental organizations in favour of the benefit of all citizens, business entities and investors. Certainly, none of this would have been possible without the partners of the conference, including government institutions, international organizations, business entities, investment funds, institutes and universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Austria, Germany and others the European Union, – added Tafro.
The International Conference affirms the possibilities of regional investment, promotes the significance of statistics, information technologies and development in the fields of industry, capital markets, labor, agriculture, energy and tourism. It is one of the most important conferences in the region that supports the cooperation of governmental institutions, international organizations, the business sector, the academic community and non-governmental organizations with an aim to create a better business environment, develop market and competitiveness as well as joint planning and realization of regional projects.

The conference was organized in four panels: Market panel, Investment panel, Statistics panel and Research and Development panel. The panels were moderated and coordinated by representatives of organizations from BiH, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Montenegro and others.
Conclusions of the International Conference on Regional Market, Statistical Development and Investment Opportunities:
– Regional Forum on Market, Investments and Statistics (Forum MIS) has been recognized as a platform to continue the development of regional cooperation and promotion of joint activities in the field of business, statistics, investment, research and development that will continue, or at least once a year, from business, government and non-governmental sector, statistics …
– This regional platform should be the place to create a business environment, a place where ideas will be exchanged and which will represent a platform for supporting regional projects.
– Forum participants have recognized the importance of joint activities on the development of compatible systems for integrated data processing, and as an example of good practice, the current IST development project, which was implemented in Serbia, Montenegro, BiH and Albania, was recognized.
– It is necessary to pool resources to develop a high-quality data dissemination system currently missing by all regional statistical offices as well as other state bodies.
– For the quality development of administrative registers, it is necessary to include all bodies as well as other state administration bodies.
– For the first time, on Forum was presented the idea on the role of state statistics in the most straightforward decision-making function at the macro and micro level.

The organizers of the International Conference on Regional Market, Statistical Development and Investment Opportunities are Federation for support for economic and social development “Horizon 2024”, Agency for Statistics of BiH, Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey – TOBB, Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, The Sarajevo Stock Exchange, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, Statistical Office of Montenegro, Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Institute for Statistics of FBiH, RS Institute of Statistics, Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of BiH – FIPA, Foreign Investitors Council in BiH, Chamber of Economy of the Federation of B&H, European Movement Serbia, Civil Service Agency of BiH, Labour and Employment Agency of BiH, World association of diaspora of BiH, City of Sarajevo, Algebra University College, Best Solutions d.o.o., IN2 d.o.o., PlanB d.o.o., Centar for support of democracy and economic development – UCDER and Municipality of Centar Sarajevo.