Cost competitive

Competitive operational

costs in the european marketplace.

  • Available highly skilled workforce, which generates high productivity and, therefore, lower costs

Croatia is one of only five countries in the eu that experienced a fall of labor costs in recent years.







Source: Eurostat


Source: Eurostat

Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatia – the most profitable company in the Ericsson Group in 2012

“The quality of Croatian experts is well known – their knowledge, innovative spirit, enthusiasm and

dedication to excellence in all business processes have been incorporated in our activities and initiative

that started as a local idea and have become global products, or business models.”

M. Sc. Gordana Kovačević, Managing Director, Ericsson Nikola Tesla (2007)

Return on investments

Over 15.000 foreign companies

have chosen Croatia.

  • Incentives up to 60% of investment costs
  • Tax relief for reinvested earnings
  • Foreign companies continuously expand their business operation in Croatia

Attractive tax incentives, double taxation avoidance agreements with

numerous countries and 0% customs within the EU.

  • 0% profit tax up to 10 years
  • No customs for all EU member states
  • Double taxation avoidance agreements with 55 countries

“We are very satisfied with our business engagement in Croatia. Alstom is a world leader in transport infrastructure,

power generation and electrical grid. Alstom employs 92.000 people in more than 100 countries. We have developed

an excellent network of distributors and suppliers in Croatia that enabled us to maximize business potential in Croatia

and become knowledge based company.”

Denis Peranić, Director for SEE, Alstom


ll of Europe in 3 hours – with its strategic

position croatia is an ideal gateway to major markets.

  • Shortest transit time from Far-East through quality sea ports (Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split, Šibenik, Ploče, Dubrovnik)
  • Pan-European Corridors (VII, X, Vb, Vc) cross its territory
  • Direct access to Rhine-Main-Danube system through four main river ports (Vukovar, Sisak, Slavonski Brod, Osijek)
  • Gateway to the market of 500 million consumers

“Sisak was selected as an ideal location for achieving our business objectives and as headquarter for the European market. With the successful industrial past, and availability of secondary and higher educated technical staff, Sisak is the perfect location for a successful production.”

Matt D. Sertić, President, Applied Ceramics



Efficient, innovative, highly qualified

and multilingual workforce committed

to achievement.

  • High quality education – University of Zagreb among 500 top universities according to ARWU 2012
  • The number of patents in Croatia is above the average of the EU27
  • Did you know that a tie, a pen, a parachute and the first successful mp3 player were invented by Croatians?

“Skilled and knowledgeable workforce is the main reason for investing in Croatia. This is why we continue to grow our business in the Republic Croatia.”

Damir Kobaš, Technical Director, Same Deutz-Fahr Žetelice Ltd.

Investment climate

Pro-business oriented environment encourages new investments and ensures stability.

  • Attractive investment incentives
  • Guaranteed repatriation of capital and profits
  • Strong intellectual property framework

“When Saint Jean group invested in Croatia, we not only aimed to gain a skilled workforce but also an environment conducive to the development of our company on a long lasting business. It is always easier to build on a solid base and that is the reason why we want to increase our activities in Slavonski Brod.”

Mr Emile-Thomas Di Serio, the president of Saint Jean Industries’ Group

Agency for Investments and Competitiveness

Professional assistance

  • Professional service for investors, free of charge
  • Highly motivated team of experienced professionals
  • Provides information, contacts and investment management support to potential investors as well as pre and post investment care

“We have achieved excellent cooperation with the Croatian Government. Representatives of regional and national authorities in Croatia welcomed us with arms opened. As the Investor we have really positive experiences and we would like to encourage other companies to invest in Croatia.”

Michael Tojner, CEO, Montana Tech Components AG