Federation for support of economic and social development „Horizon 2024″ is a non-government non-profit organization which acts on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

The Federation is founded in accordance with the Associations and Foundations Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jurisdiction, organisation, right and obligations of the members are defined with the Founding act, Statute and other regulations which are passed by the Federation’s Congress.

The Fedration has status of a legal person and is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The full name of the Federation is:

  • “Savez za podršku ekonomskog i socijalnog razvoja  „Horizont 2024″
  • “Савез за подршку економскoг и социјални развој „Хоризонт 2024″
  • “Savez za potporu gospodarskog i društvenog razvoja „Horizon 2024″
  • “Federation for support for economic and social development „Horizon 2024”

Basic principles of the Federation’s work are:  Legality, voluntariness, openness and transparency.

Goals and activities of the Federation are:

  • Help and support in creating conditions which would help guarantee economic and social growth and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the European and world market;
  • Work on the implementation of projects leading to economic and social development of the society, business entities and institutions, in line with the Law;
  • Work on creation of short-term, middle-term and long-term strategies of development in economic and social sphere through research, analytical and statistical work, in line with the Law;
  • Help and support in research and development of the market and competitiveness, in line with the Law;
  • Promotion of importance and value of the joining of BiH to the European Union, and the NATO integrations;
  • Work on implementation of projects, strategies and programs of support to stability and functionality of free market, policy and right of competition in BiH with the aim of harmonization with regulations and practice of the European Union and projects with the aim of increasing influx of foreign investments;
  • Work and help in implementing projects that contribute to the creation of a more favourable environment for sustainable economic growth and promotion of the significance of market inovation;
  • Assistance in strengthening small and medium enterprises and work on implementation of projects for strengthening of sustainable entrepreneurship, implementation of employment projects, projects aimed at development of agriculture, promotion of energy efficient solutions and technologies and promotions for use of renewable and alternative sources of energy;
  • Work on tracking and providing help creating a safety policy and a secure society with the aim of improving competition, market conditions, investments, product quality and consumer protection, in line with the Law;
  • Work and help for the improvement of local development;
  • Work on forming initiatives towards authorities with the aim of improving laws and other normative acts from the Federation’s sphere of activity, in line with the Law;
  • Work on projects of assistance in combating corruption and advocating for increase of transparency and accountability of authorities, in line with the Law;
  • Work on introduction of the best standards in fields of social protection, business, ecology, agriculture, education and industry, with the goal of economic and social development, in line with the Law;
  • Work on dissemination of data and work on projects of demographic analysis and research, with the goal of economic and social development, in line with the Law;
  • Work on the research of demographic shifts in regards to transitional and economic development and further urbanization as a segment of world globalization tendencies;
  • Help in work on projects which are aimed at prevention of poverty and social exclusion in BiH, as well as assistance to the most vulnerable groups of BiH’s population;
  • Work and activities aimed at preventing or decreasing social risks that can occur in different areas of social life;
  • Advocating for promotion of equal opportunities, as well as complete achievement of rights for all citizens;
  • Work on development and strengthening of civil society as a clear indicator of the level of democratization;
  • Work on promotion and support for projects of active participation and inclusion of citizens in the work of non-governmental organizations;
  • Assistance and support in implementation of projects financed from the European Union funds;
  • Assistance in organizing trainings, round tables, gatherings and lectures for the purpose of realization of Association’s activities, in line with the Law;
  • Publishing bulletins, brochures, publications and flyers also for the purpose of realization of Association’s activities, in line with the Law;
  • Cooperation with chambers of commerce, employers associations, union organisations, institutions and with same or similar associations and international cooperation for the purpose of realization of Association’s activities, in line with the Law.

Members of the Federation can be:

  • Permanent members
  • Associated members
  • Honorary members

The Federation’s Congress decides about the membership admissions.

The Federations internal structure is defined by its Statute and Founding act :


In order to comprehensively consider and decide about various questions from the Federations sphere of activity, the following permanent Committees were founded :

  • Committee for strategic planing, support and creation of developmental programs and projects;
  • Committee for research and analysis of economic, social, political and security indicators;
  • Committee for relations with government institutions, non-governmental organisations and international organizations and foundations;
  • * Committee for marketing and the organisation of work with the media, media presentations, design and publication creation.

The Federation activities are public. The public aspect of the work is achieved with direct informing and via announcments in mass media, for the more significant actitivities.

All members will be granted full access for informations about the Federation activities in all fields of work, as well as future activity planning.

Members of the Federation must be regularly informed about the Federation’s activities. The Board of Directors, the Federation President and the Federation Secretary are responsible for the transparency of all Federation activities.

Federation for support of economic and social development „Horizon 2024″