This Feasibility Study analyzes the performance of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) courts and presents options for improving their efficiency and quality. The Study is based on the results of more than sixty key informant interviews, analysis of statistical caseload data, finance and human resources data, desk research and a small survey of business representatives. The Study offers in-depth analysis of the problems facing case processing, analyses performance by case type and court type, and compares existing procedures for commercial cases in FBiH and Republika Srpska (RS). The Study draws on international and regional good practices and lessons from countries with different models of commercial specialization. The Study then outlines a series of policy options and analyzes the constitutional, legal, operational and financial implications, associated risks and opportunities of each option. Based on this analysis, the Bank recommends that FBiH reorganize and strengthen its existing commercial case departments by implementing a package of reforms to improve the efficiency and quality of case processing.


The World Bank
Harley, Georgia; Svirčev, Srđan; Matić Bošković , Marina; Krnić, Ana; Esquivel Korsiak, Victoria