The biggest Informatica Conference in the region – Informatica beyond analytics was held on 21st of February 2017, at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Zagreb. Conference participants had the opportunity to hear interesting lectures from a number of guest speakers, we presented case studies, real-time demonstrations and interesting panel “Using Data to Power Business Transformation”. The conference brought together more than 100 experts and participants from Croatia and region.

At the beginning of the conference participants were welcomed by Dražen Oreščanin, the CEO of Poslovna inteligencija, and a representative of Informatica Corporation Massimo Miazzetto,Regional Director of Informatica for eastern Europe

The conference was opened with introductory lecture by motivational speaker Toni Milun, who drew attention to the importance of motivating younger generations and students about STEM area, of which the long-term benefit would be for both companies and younger generations.

Andrew Joss, Head of Industry Consulting from Informatica had a presentation on digital transformation and the role of data in 2017. Another keynote speaker Jozef Gemela, Associate Vice President at IDC gave a lecture on how to recognize the full potential of the data in the era of digital transformation.

After keynote speakers, Aleksandar Janković, Director of business architecture and project management from Serbia Broadband, demonstrated how complex data migration from several different CRM and Billing systems to SAP, using Informatica tools was realized, and how the migration process improved data quality.

Mathieu Lagrange, Big Data product specialist from Informatica held a technical presentation entitled “Informatica Big Data portfolio”, in which he showed how Informatica helps companies to exploit the full potential of Big Data platform for processing data at easiest way possible and how to monetize Big Data.

Marijan Bračić, Consultancy director from Poslovna inteligencija presented real-time demo using Facebook as an example where he explained how to collect and visualize data from social networks, as well as presented use-cases from the practice in the region.

Conference hosted a panel titled “Using Data to Power Business Transformation” where audience were able to find out what is the role of data in the digital transformation of the business. Participants of the panel were CEO of Poslovna inteligencija Dražen Oreščanin,Andrew Joss, Ivan Češković Chief Data Architect in Zagrebačka banka and Jozef Gemela , established experts with years of experience in the field of digital transformation.

Alistair SeatonTechnical Manager for the SEE region from Informatica introduced us to the world of Informatica solutions in the field of data security, with particular emphasis on how to solve the GDPR regulations, while Marijan Bračić and Biljana Cerin from Ostendo Consulting Group held presentation entitled “PI Solution for GDPR “ where they presented a solution for the General data protection Regulation, the EU regulations for the protection of personal data.

Special thanks to our media sponsors and partners who have supported our conference  – Mreža,Novi milenij, RadioBit tehnocast portal, ICT Business, Algebra university college and our partner Informatica. We thank all the participants for the great turnout and look forward to see you soon at our next event!

Poslovna inteligencija d.o.o Zagreb